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Welcome to the Help section of the Stardust@home website. Here we will try to guide you towards the help and information you are looking for. We expect these pages to develop as we receive more feedback and questions.

Introducing Stardust@home
Stardust@home is an interactive Internet-based search for interstellar dust captured in the NASA Stardust aerogel collector. You can access Stardust data from your internet browser.

Learn about Stardust@home and the Stardust Mission in the About section of this website

To get started (Estimated time: 15 minutes)
Finding Stardust is your starting point. You will read about how to participate in our science project. We will then lead you through a tutorial, which is followed by a brief test. Once you have passed the test, you will be invited to register and start looking at real data from the Stardust interstellar dust collector.

Learning more about Stardust@home
Please visit our Stardust@home FAQ* and Stardust Discussion* categories in the Forum. You will find topics covering many aspects of the project. If you would like to post a question or leave feedback for the Stardust@home team, you will need to sign up in the forum. Forum membership is separate from Stardust@home registration.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions* about the Stardust@home project (presented by The Planetary Society on their website).

Getting help with searching for interstellar dust tracks
We provide a Virtual Microscope to search for interstellar dust tracks. The Virtual Microscope (VM) is a computer program that acts like a microscope. It works inside almost all internet browsers, and uses the Javascript programming language.

Other Helpful Pages

Tech FAQ links to Frequently asked Technical Questions. Here you will find the system requirements to run the Virtual Microscope in your internet browser. We list some common problems encountered connecting to the VM; for example, compatibility of the VM with specific browsers.

VM Help links to the Virtual Microscope Help. Here you can find some frequently asked questions about operating the Virtual Microscope. Get help with Scores, Ranking and some issues with Focus Movies.

Definitions is a glossary of words that we use on this website.

For more information, visit the Stardust@home Problems and Support* in the Forum.

If you are still stuck, consider posting a question in the forum*.

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